As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children deal with the changes that come along in their lives. Whether it’s a new sibling or moving into a new home, change is never easy for kids. Sensitive children may have an even more difficult time dealing with change and learning how to […]


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4 Things Extroverted Children Need After a Day of Virtual Learning

Do you know that kid who is always bouncing off the walls and has trouble sitting still? That’s your extroverted child. Extroverts get their energy from the outside world, so when they “come home” after a day of virtual learning, you need to provide them with some extra TLC to channel all of that pent […]




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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the High Energy Extrovert in Your Life

If you have a high-energy extrovert in your life and you are NOT one, it can be difficult to find them the perfect gift. But don’t worry! We’ve asked the extroverts and we have the inside scoop on what they would love most as a gift. Here are our top picks for gifts for your […]


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8 Gift Ideas for Your Creative Kid

It can be hard to find gifts for a child that is creative, especially if you aren’t one yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 gift ideas guaranteed to please that quiet but creative kiddo in your life. Not sure what personality type your kiddos is? Have them take our FREE personality test […]


5 Ways to Help a Sensitive Kiddo When They Make a Mistake

The above comic is a true story! If you parent a Beaver, Meerkat, or Panda it’s no surprise that they can be hard on themselves. (Not sure what those animals mean? Find our your kiddo’s personality at!) They may say things like, “I’m so stupid!” or “I’m such a bad kid!” Introverted sensitive kiddos […]


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