Kids are always changing, growing, and developing. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. But if you don’t know where your kid is at today, it will be even harder for you to help them get where they want to go tomorrow. That’s why a personality quiz can be a great tool for both the parent and the child. Here are 5 myths about these quizzes that I hope not only debunk but also show just how helpful these tests can be in helping your family grow closer together.

Myth #1 – Personality Quizzes are Just a Phase

Like pet rocks and mullets, some believe that personality quizzes are just a cultural fascination that will go away in due time. This is not true at all! Personality quizzes have been around for almost a century and can be used for both personal knowledge and counseling. These personality tests may be quite useful to children and parents alike. A parent will have a better grasp of their child’s interests, while the kid learns more about his or her personalities traits that they hadn’t noticed before.

Myth #2 – Personality Quizzes Put You in a Box

We’ve heard this one a lot! People believe that because there are only so many “types”, the quiz is forcing them into a category when they are much more varied as individuals. We think so, too! A personality quiz may be used to assist or harm, just like any other tool. While the eight personality creatures in our test might share a lot in common with you, you are far more complex! A simple quiz would never be able to capture the breadth of your personality and life experiences. However, we feel that the information supplied is a wonderful starting point to begin new discussions and find out more about yourself and others.

Myth #3 – Personality Quizzes Are Only Helpful for Adults

No way! A personality quiz can be very beneficial for children. We know that kiddos’ brains are still developing and that their personalities are going to evolve as they mature into adulthood. And that’s okay! As humans, we are constantly growing and changing so they can even revisit the quiz over the years to see how they’ve changed! Sometimes kids are too young to understand certain parts of their personalities, so it’s up to the parents or teachers to help them along in this journey of self-discovery. Remember: stay curious and the journey will be a lot more fun!

Myth #4 – A Personality Quiz Will Make Your Child Change

This is another common belief, but it’s completely untrue! While kids certainly may change as they age and gain more life experience, a personality quiz will not make them into something that they are not. A test like this might help you learn about your strengths or areas where you can improve upon yourself to better enjoy the journey. It will never change who you are at your core, just like how an eye color test won’t turn you into a vampire!