As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children deal with the changes that come along in their lives. Whether it’s a new sibling or moving into a new home, change is never easy for kids. Sensitive children may have an even more difficult time dealing with change and learning how to adjust. In this blog post, we are going to share 5 tools that we’ve used in our own home to help prepare our kiddos for a big change.

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#1 : Communication is key!

It’s important to discuss the upcoming change with your child and address their emotions. Let them know that it is okay for them to feel sad, scared or nervous about the new situation and reassure them of your support throughout this transitional time. If they struggle to put words to their emotions, check out our Family Mood Meter. It’s a fun, non-threatening way to give kiddos a chance to share what’s going on inside.

#2 : Create a storybook that shows them what the changes will be like

Making a storybook about the upcoming change can be a fun way for kids to visualize what’s happening. This is especially helpful if they are struggling to understand why things are changing. Draw pictures, write down key points or even record yourself reading the story!

#3: Help them get organized

One of the best ways to help kids feel in control during a time of change is to help them get organized. This could mean making a list of things they need to pack for their move, setting up a new routine, or creating a visual calendar of the days leading up to the change. Beaver and Panda kiddos will appreciate this in particular as they love schedules and plans!

#4: Give them an age-appropriate job to help

When kids have a job to do, it can help them feel more in control and empowered during a time of change. This could be anything from helping pack for the move, setting the table for dinner, or watering the plants. By giving them an important task to complete, you are helping them feel like they are contributing and they are a part of the change vs. feeling like the change is just happening around them.

#5: Roleplay possible scenarios

If the change is a new baby coming into the family, role playing possible scenarios can be really helpful. This could mean practicing what happens at bedtime when there’s a new person in the house or talking about how everyone will need to help take care of the baby. Roleplaying helps kids feel prepared for what’s to come and can actually be really fun! And tying that fun experience to the upcoming change is setting them up for success!