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What works for one kid, may not work for another. What worked for your mom, 30 years ago, may not work today. Each kiddo has a unique brain, with a unique personality and even if they are parented the same, it doesn't mean the parenting techniques are effective for each kiddo. 

How to know which parenting techniques would be helpful or not helpful based on their child's unique personality. 

How to communicate with your kiddo effectively. 

How to connect with your kiddo in a way that they will feel loved. 

A perspective on parenting that has proven to bring healing and understanding. If you came into parenthood with your own childhood baggage, you don't have to repeat the same harmful parenting patterns. We'll give you actual tools that will help you understand why you are the way you are and why your kid is the way they are. 

How to work through conflict without WW3 starting in your living room. 

Understand how your child gets their energy, takes in and processes information and makes decisions.  

An understanding of yourself in the context of personality type, especially in relation to your child's personality type, and how these differences may affect how you each prefer to live and relate. 

here's why...

So we teach parents:

"Why is it that kids can be raised in the same house, with the same rules, with the same parents and turn out totally different?" 

Know & Love is NOT...

A diagnostic tool used to identify ADD, ADHD, anxiety or depression.

A discussion of the needs of children faced with special physical or cognitive challenges. Instead, we focus on the relationship and learning needs of children following typical developmental patterns. 

A research-based quiz. Research on children’s personalities is still developing. Our quiz is based on experience. Some research has begun, but more is needed to fully explain the depth and intricacies of personality development in children. 

A prediction or an indicator of how your child will behave. 

To be used to label any child. Some hear the words “personality type” and associate it with labeling. We want to avoid this. Learning about personal preferences is not to be used to control, demean, inhibit or prevent a variety of learning opportunities, or put a child “in a box.” All children, even teenagers, need to explore all preference options and be given the opportunity to develop in their unique way of being awesome.


Q: Are some personality types better than others?
A: No personality type is better than other types. Each personality type is unique with its own gifting and struggles.

Q: Has personality type theory been scientifically tested?
A: Personality type theory dates back to the early 1900's with psychologist Carl Jung. Since then there has been extensive research to prove its usefulness and accuracy. In fact, some people say “it’s scary how accurate it is.” 

Q: Can I predict my child's behavior by knowing their personality?
A: Knowing your kiddo's type cannot predict behavior. All kids can freely choose to behavior in any manner regardless of the personality animal they identify with. We encourage parents to avoid labeling or telling a child "who" they are. These are only suggestions that may help parents understand their child's preferences. 

Q: After learning about my child's personality preferences, I feel like a total failure. Is that normal?
A: We believe as parents, we are doing the best we can with the tools we have. There is no such thing as perfect parents. There is also no such thing as a parenting experts. We are all on the same journey of learning how to be parents at the exact same time our children are learning how to be a kids. Like Maya Angelou says, "do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." 

Q: Why does the child have to be 5 in order to know their personality?
A: Your kiddos personality type is still developing. The specific age of personality development has been subject to much debate, but it is believed that personality preferences can start to be identified between the ages of 5-7. 

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