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If the quiz is not loading, here's some things to try!

Our apologies! It's so frustrating when you've spent time preparing for your lesson and the quiz wont load! We frequently receive similar complaints from teachers/school admins and have looked into this issue and have found some common solutions. 

1. Please try accessing the quiz from your mobile device's browser while not connected to the school's wifi. This will help determine if the issue is related to the quiz software or the school's network restrictions. If the quiz loads successfully on your phone, then the school's network may indeed be the cause of the loading problem. 

2. Try using this direct link to the quiz. If this does not load, please proceed to step 3. 

3. It's possible that the school's network is restricting access to the quiz due to filters and/or it being embedded within an iframe and running on a software called TryInteract. If you encounter such an issue, we recommend reaching out to your school's IT department or network administrator to request whitelisting or unblocking the quiz page found at https://quiz.api.tryinteract.io. Taking these steps should resolve the problem smoothly.

4. If none of those solutions work, please contact us directly at jason@knowandlove.com and we will do our best to help you solve the problem. 

Jason Lackey

Is a Introverted Meerkat. Once, he shaved his head at home just to avoid small talk with the barber. He is MBTI certified, and his happy place consists of Netflix, naps, music, artsy fartsy things, books, cooking delicious food and an escape hatch for when the romping and craziness of people, children, and animals from Kara's world overflows into his. He is a Pit Master who knows how to smoke amazing meat to fulfill Kara's taco obsession. He also plays the bass like nobody's business.  

He is the illustrator of the adorable animals, the big picture and computer guy for Know & Love. 

Kara Lackey

Is an Extraverted Elephant and is married to the burly bearded guy below - together they have 4 kiddos; a Panda, an Otter, a Meerkat and a 3 year old. She is MBTI and MMTIC Certified and majored in Family and Consumer Science at Fresno State. Her happy place consists of: people, lots of people - all of the people - vulnerable conversations about the messiness of life while eating taocs, children & farm animals romping about & Jason wearing plaid - lookin' like a lumberjack. 

She loves to create tools to help parents and kiddos connect. Ask her anything! She loves to share and walk with families through the messiness to help parents understand their kiddos.  

Team Extravert

Team Introvert

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
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