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quiet, Scheduled, and cautious

• Serious, literal, well-skilled and detail oriented. 
• Happiest with a reliable schedule that doesn’t change frequently and the least amount of risk. 
• Private, yet enjoy being a part of a broader community. 
• They enjoy one-on-one time and thrive on goal setting, rules, direction, and preparation. 

Kiddos with this type tend to be:

(in case you didn't read the big paragraph above)

25% of kiddos are beavers

Welcome to the Beaver’s private world of facts and details! Beavers have a preference for introversion. They are dependable, reserved, and diligent with the skillfulness of step-by-step performance, typically ending with excellent results. They’re happiest in controlled and scheduled environments where the rules are spelled out in detail and when they know what’s expected of them. On the outside, Beavers are typically quiet and well behaved because being seen as a “good kid” is extremely important to them. They strive to do what’s right in every situation, and because of this, Beavers can be excessively hard on themselves. This perfectionistic attitude can cause debilitating worry and anxiety, especially in new situations or relationships. Since they process in their head, it can be a real challenge for others to understand the depth of the happenings in their brain. When Beavers have patient and supportive adults who take the time to explain things and help them process what they’re feeling, they can become the most well-rounded, helpful, loyal, and hardworking kiddos you’ll ever meet. Their attention to the details combined with their perseverance make a powerful combo that can significantly make the world a better (and more systematic) place.

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Some parents face the hard reality of being left in the dark on how to help their kiddo learn best. Let's get some light shed on this! In this section, you’ll learn...


It can be hard to get inside the minds of your kiddo and know what’s going on. We offer some tricks & tips for conversing authentically as well as ways in which you can nurture your relationship with some one-on-one activities that will fill their love tank. 



Kiddos are all unique, and you will experience different challenges with each one. In this section, we describe some parenting and teaching challenges that you may face with your Beaver. We give you tools to teach your Beaver how to learn effective ways to get their needs met and develop coping strategies when life feels overwhelming. 

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Your kid’s learning style – whether they need more hands-on opportunities or if they’re more of an independent learner. 

Instructional methods they may prefer like role-playing or reading together. 

Discover which assignments and activities will be effortless and which will require more of their energy and focus. 

Provides parents, teachers, pastors, or therapists insight into their kiddo’s personality. 
Teaches kids awareness of their strengths, stretches, and needs.
Connect to their heart and help them reach their full potential. 

Provides parents, teachers, pastors, or therapists insight into their kiddo’s personality. 

Teaches kids awareness of their strengths, stretches, and needs.

Connect to their heart and help them reach their full potential. 

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These kiddos gain energy by being in their heads, with their own thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions. They prefer quiet. They talk less and more slowly unless they are talking about their favorite subject, in which case they can appear to be more extroverted. 

These kiddos focus on the present moment and don’t miss a beat when it comes to the details around them. They notice everything and depend on hands-on experience for learning rather than on what they read. They prefer precise step-by-step directions, literal words, stories, facts, and examples instead of vague ideas or metaphors. 

They thrive with plans, lists, and schedules. Creating chore lists, to-do lists, and a plan of the day/week will help these kiddos thrive within their world. They want to know what is expected and for tasks to be clearly defined. They also desire closure, whether it is finishing a project before starting a new one or closure to a conflict between others. Closure enables them to mentally move on from one thing to the next thing. They appreciate predictability, and last-minute changes tend to frazzle them. They prefer to work hard and then play, and they typically manage their time well. 

A LOOK Inside the beaver's Brain




It’s good to know what ingredients make up your kiddo’s personality; however, it’s also helpful to understand how this plays out at home. 

As Beavers receive information into their brain, their focus is on the facts and practical details they’re experiencing through their five senses. Then, their brain does something remarkable. It compares those details against stored memories and past experiences. They experience life in the present moment but then quickly shift to the past to draw on any comparisons they may have already experienced. To understand this unique brain wiring, here’s an example:

Let’s say LEGO hired your Beaver to be a brick inspector (put aside child labor laws for a sec). It was your child’s job to look at all the bricks coming off the production line and then to compare those bricks to a known perfect brick, an image they have stored in their brain. It would be easy for them to identify any bricks coming off the production line that did not match the stored image of a perfect LEGO brick. A Beaver’s brain is wired the same way, making comparisons against the images in their head, which are considered “perfect, right or good.” Because of this, Beavers can recall past experiences in great detail, along with any associated stored feelings and emotions. They are highly introverted and highly aware of all details around them. Thus, when experiencing something new, in which they cannot draw from any past experiences, their inner world fills with anxiety. Why? Because they hate making mistakes, and if they don’t know what to expect, they can’t draw on past experiences to figure out if this new situation (or person) is safe. They tend to be cautious kiddos who thrive with familiarity and knowing the concrete facts of life. Whereas with familiar settings, there may be no hesitation. 

A LOOK at the beaver's...



  • Detail oriented - Beavers pay close attention to the details of their surroundings are often very good at remembering what they have noticed.

  • Diligent hard worker -  With their tenacity and persistent, Beavers  tend to put forth a lot of effort to achieve their goals.

  • Rule follower - Beavers tend to follow the rules and take direction well. 
  • Learn flexibility -Beavers tend to be hesitant towards change and it would help them to learn how to be flexible when change happens. Life is always changing, so it is important to be able to adapt!

  •  Learn self-compassion - Beavers tend to be perfectionist and it would be helpful to learn that mistakes are a part of learning! 

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They are incredibly hard workers! The world’s largest beaver dam stretches half a mile and is located in Alberta, Canada. It can be seen from space!

Beavers are organized and methodical in the way they live. They build their lodges to have two dens, one for drying off and the other for living. 

They are a keystone species in maintaining their habitat. Many insects and birds rely on the work that beavers do for survival.

(Real) beaver Facts!

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