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To growing healthy emotional connections with your family.

During dinner (or another time that works for you) take turns sharing.

As your family learns lifelong skills for emotional health and wellbeing

Any of these sound familiar in your family?

Most kids (especially kids from hard places) don't know how to use their voice to express how they feel.

We want to understand each other, but it's uncomfortable. 

We've lost connection as a family and I don't even know where to start. 

We get it!

They're normal...all families experience these at certain times.

We get it! We've felt these things too!

We've felt these things too!

Communicating as a family is challenging because we tend to either shut down or express our feelings in anger.

Our life is crazy - we're busy and distracted by technology - we've lost touch with each other. 

It feels like we have to walk on eggs shells to avoid an emotional explosion.

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Maybe it's time

Over 500 families have deepened their emotional connection just by using the Body Battery.

We all feel somewhat insecure about being a good parent, and fear that we may lose the close connection we had with our kiddos as they progress through childhood into adulthood. 

After creating the Know & Love Personality quiz for kids that has been taken all over the world, we knew families needed a way to build healthy emotional connections despite their personality differences. 

The Know & Love Body Battery gives families a non-threatening way to emotionally check-in and get comfortable talking about feelings and needs as a regular part of family life. 





to bring more connection to your family's conversations...

of parents struggle to communicate meaningfully with their child.


According to a recent study, 

A tool for judging or shaming others for feeling emotions. 

A victim identification tool.

A weapon.

The Body Battery is NOT...

Here's why we created The Body Battery


The Body Battery makes it easy for kids to understand their emotions (especially those who find it challenging to talk about what they're feeling).

It combines all three ways of information processing and learning:

Hold the meter and slide the elastic band to match the corresponding color and feeling. 

Communicating what and why they're feeling creates meaning conversation.

Facial cues on the poster help identify the emotions they’re feeling (also great for non-readers!)





Get the Body Battery poster

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Hang your poster in a common space

to help your family develop a new language for talking about emotions. 

Check-in daily

designed to fit into your day to day activities and add to your conversations. 

Connect on a deeper level

by getting comfortable talking about feelings and needs.

Oh hey there!

We're Jason & Kara....

We know how challenging it is when you don’t know how to access, assess and express your feelings and needs. We aren't taught these skills in school.

To help our family develop healthy emotional connections, we created a non-threatening way to attune to each other’s inner worlds.   

Our goal is to help families stay connected and effectively communicate emotions so conversations run smoother so everyone walks away feeling heard. 

Join us! Let's learn together...

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Ready to create healthy emotional connections during your family's conversations?

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
All rights reserved. 



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