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Competent - You tend to be highly competent and want influence in all situations to make sure things are done right. The I-can-do-anything-I-set-my-mind-to-do attitude seems to be built into you.

Competitive - you tend to enjoy engaging in activities that allow you to showcase your abilities and out perform others.

Logical - you excel at organizing your thoughts in a systematic way. By breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts, you can see the logical connections and relationships between different things!

11% of kiddos are Collies

Welcome to the extroverted world of the Collie, where they're in charge!

You tend to be extroverted and love to talk and are a natural leader. You take great satisfaction in being a leader and will most likely be in leadership positions for all or parts of your life. 

You are a true powerhouse of a kid with your ability to organize and lead people and activities to success! You can remain objective and break down complex problems into manageable steps to get results. Others can count on you - no matter the task - because your systematic approach means you set high standards in everything you do. 



With the combination of determination, ambition, and a practical mindset, you set yourself apart from other kids with your ability to remain level-headed even under pressure. This is an invaluable asset that serves you well in challenging situations.
Accomplishments are measuring sticks for you and bring immense joy and fulfillment. You enjoy having a purpose and thrive when given goals and tasks that will challenge you mentally and physically!





  • You gain energy by engaging with outside stimuli: people, activities, conversation, etc. 

  • Border Collies prefer to go and do and need to talk out loud to process their thoughts. 

  • You enjoy playing and interacting with friends rather than being alone. 

  • Since you tend to make decisions based on logic and facts, you value accuracy in order to solve problems. 

  • When you look for answers and explanations, you tend to pay attention to the details and can easily spot any mistakes or differences.

  • You tend to analyze people and situations as a means of improving.

  • You thrive with plans, lists, and schedules. Creating chore lists, to-do lists, and a plan of the day/week helps you to thrive within your world. 

  • You prefer to know what is expected and for tasks to be clearly defined. 

  • Border Collies desire closure, whether it is finishing a project before starting a new one or closure to a conflict between others. Closure enables you to mentally move on from one thing to the next thing. 

  • You appreciate predictability, and last-minute changes tend to frazzle you. 

  • You prefer to work hard and then play, and typically manage your time well. 

A LOOK Inside the BORDER COLLIE's Brain




Structure is how you like to keep your surroundings.
Extroversion means that you prefer to focus on things outside your self
Did you know you're becoming more self-aware? Self-Awareness is understanding your personality, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and feelings. Below are a few of the ingredients that make up your personality!
You tend to make decisions based on logic and facts

A LOOK at the border collie's...



  • Critical Thinking - Just like a detective gathers clues and pieces them together, you use your sharp mind to gather facts, analyze information, and make informed decisions. Your thinking is like a powerful spotlight, shining on inconsistencies and mistakes that others might miss. With your keen observation skills and logical reasoning, you have a knack for finding solutions and solving problems. 

  • Determination -  You are like a resilient mountain climber, always pushing forward despite challenges. Your unwavering spirit and commitment to your goals inspires others!

  • Leading - You shine when leading others since you possess a remarkable ability to motivate and unite people, creating an environment where everyone can thrive!
  • Active Listening - Being an active listener is focusing on what the other person is saying without interrupting. When you practice active listening, you show others that you genuinely care about their thoughts and feelings. Taking the time to listen carefully instead of thinking about what to say next, you not only gain respect but also become even better at solving problems. Remember, each conversation is an opportunity for growth and understanding!

  • Self-Compassion - Cultivating self-compassion is an amazing part of our personal growth journey. Take a moment to acknowledge, forgive, and accept your mistakes with love and understanding. Remember, making mistakes is a normal part of learning and growing. It's through these experiences that we become even stronger and wiser. So, when you encounter a setback or make a mistake, be gentle with yourself.

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A strength is a task or action that you can do easily without too much effort.

A stretch is a task or action that requires you to step outside your normal comfort zone, routine, or habits that you must put in more effort than usual to see the results you want.

Hey Parents & Teachers!

Border Collie's are the most intelligent of all dogs. They are fun, energetic, love people and enjoy solving complex tasks. 

Border Collie's need to be trained as puppies. If they aren't focused on a task, their attention tends to wander and they will develop bad habits due to boredom. 

They love to win! Various Border Collie's hold Guinness World records for knowing over 1,000 commands, skateboarding, rolling down a manual car window, and balancing a can on their head. 

(Real) border collie Facts!

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
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