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Compassion - you look out for those around you and proactively find solutions to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Initiative - you take the initiative in planning events and activities that involve everyone around you; letting no one feel left behind or forgotten about!

Communication - You find great joy in having open and healthy communication, and you contribute to creating a sense of emotional safety for everyone.

15% of kiddos are Elephants

Welcome to the social world of the Elephant where everyone is a potential friend!

You have the impressive ability to develop strong friendships with ease, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere as you nurture relationships. With these skills, every person has a chance of becoming your friend!

You possess an incredible leadership quality! The amazing ability to bring people together and unite them as a team! Elephants excel at creating a sense of belonging for everyone. You are exceptional at listening to different ideas and viewpoints, making you a true superstar when it comes to teamwork. Your leadership strengths lies in making everyone feel important and valued. 



You tend to be motivated by recognition and appreciation for your hard work, which fosters stronger relationships.
Elephants thrive in a world that’s planned, organized, and goal-oriented, which helps you stay focused and productive. 





  • Elephants gain energy by engaging with outside stimuli: people, activities, conversation, etc. 

  • You prefer to go and do.

  • Elephants enjoy playing and interacting with friends rather than being alone. 

  • You tend to need to talk out loud to process your thoughts. 

  • Decisions are made based on emotions, empathy, and how it will affect other people. 

  • You tend to avoid conflict and confrontation because it does not encourage internal harmony. 

  • You desire to feel valued and need affirmation first before receiving any kind of constructive criticism. 

  • You thrive with plans, lists, and schedules. Creating chore lists, to-do lists, and a plans of the day/week is helpful to you. 

  • Elephants prefer to know what is expected and for tasks to be clearly defined. 

  • Desire closure, whether it is finishing a project before starting a new one or closure to a conflict between others. Closure enables you to mentally move on from one thing to the next thing. 

  • You appreciate predictability, and last-minute changes tend to frazzle you. 

  • You prefer to work hard and then play, and you typically manage your time well. 

A LOOK Inside the Elephants Brain




Did you know you're becoming more self-aware? Self-Awareness is understanding your personality, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and feelings. Below are a few of the ingredients that make up your personality!
Structure is how you like to keep your surroundings.
 Elephant's make decisions by considering what other people care about 
Extroversion means that you prefer to focus on things outside of your self

A LOOK at the Elephant's...



  • A Good Friend - You are an amazing friend! You give helpful advice and encourage people, and they can count on you when they need help!

  • Planning -  You are a master at organizing tasks and turning ideas into realities. Your strong planning skills help you complete projects and tasks with successful results!

  • Leading - You strive to make a positive difference in the lives of people around you. You take charge and empower those you interact with, allowing everyone involved to feel valued and appreciated for what they do.

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A strength is a task or action that you can do easily without too much effort.

A stretch is a task or action that requires you to step outside your normal comfort zone, routine, or habits that you must put in more effort than usual to see the results you want.

Hey Parents & Teachers!

  • Learn yourself - Pay attention to the decisions you make. See if you are asking other people what to do before deciding for yourself. This could be small things, like what food to eat, or bigger things like who to date. Take some time for yourself and think about what YOU want or need. This will help you trust in yourself more and use your own voice.

  • Not everyone is a friend, and that’s ok - It's alright if not everyone likes you. Like the funny saying goes, "You can’t make everyone happy! You’re not a taco!" It can feel bad but hurt feelings don’t last forever. 

Elephants have deep family bonds and live in tight matriarchal family groups. The herd is led by the oldest and often largest female and consist of 8-100 individuals. When a calf is born, it is raised and protected by the whole herd. 

Elephants are brilliant animals who have an excellent memory. They also display signs of grief, joy, anger, and play.

Elephants are social creatures. They sometimes “hug” by wrapping their trunks together to show love. 

(Real) elephant Facts!

For your parents to watch & learn about YOU!

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
All rights reserved. 



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