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  • Sensitive - Because you have such a strong ability to feel and understand things, you also have a special gift of sensitivity.

  • Strong Morals - You strive to make the right decision in every situation because you have such strong morals. 

  • Quiet Natured - You tend to be shy and quiet on the outside, but there is an underneath to your underneath - a whole world of intricate feelings is happening behind the scenes. 

13% of kiddos are Meerkats

Welcome to the beautifully creative and complex world of the Meerkat!

You are truly an awe-inspiring human! With your open and curious mind, you view life's experiences through a creative lens. Your imagination knows no bounds as you express yourself fully in what you create.

You are a leader with outstanding character! You tend to prioritize the well-being of others and lead with qualities like empathy, selflessness, and compassion. You genuinely care about the feelings and needs of those around you. Your actions and choices make a positive impact on people's lives, and you inspire others to be kind and considerate as well.



You are a champion of empathy! Meerkats may be quiet and introspective, but your heart often pumps with compassion and understanding for those around you. 
Meerkats thrive best in environments that foster cooperation, peace, and empowerment. This provides an opportunity for you to explore creative interests with purpose.





  • You gain energy by being in your head, with your own thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions.

  • You prefer quiet rather than loud.

  • You tend to talk less and more slowly unless they you're talking about something you're passionate about, in which case you can appear to be more extroverted. 

  • Meerkats tend to make decisions based on emotions, empathy, and how it will affect other people. 

  • You tend to avoid conflict and confrontation because it does not encourage internal harmony. 

  • Meerkats desire to feel valued and need affirmation first before receiving any kind of constructive criticism. 

  • You tend to see the good in people and are more concerned with maintaining harmonious relationships.

  • Meerkats tend to prefer spontaneity and a loosely held schedule because the unplanned and unexpected brings an abundance of joy and excitement. 

  • You enjoy having the ability to work, play, and have fun all at the same time. 

  • You tend to be pressure-prompted and will get your best ideas and work done at the last minute.

A LOOK Inside the meerkat's Brain




Did you know you're becoming more self-aware? Self-Awareness is understanding your personality, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and feelings. Below are a few of the ingredients that make up your personality!
You like to keep your surroundings and schedule flexible.
 Meerkat's make decisions by considering what other people care about. 
Introversion means that you prefer to focus on things inside your self.

A LOOK at the meerkat's...



  • Awareness - You are great at not only recognizing feelings  in yourself but also being able to recognize and empathize with the feelings of others. This is a great strength that will enable you to navigate relationships in life with both empathy and understanding!

  • Critical Thinker - Projects that get you thinking - having to come up with your own ideas and figure out the answers for yourself.

  • Creative - You possess impressive creative and artistic abilities that enable you to express yourself in unique ways. It's an invaluable strength that can help open the doors of opportunity!
  • Time Management - Since you like to think a lot and can get lost in your thoughts, it would be beneficial for you to learn how to manage your time effectively. This will help you do better in school and stay organized. Prioritizing tasks and planning ahead will help be successful in the future!

  • Overstimulated - Taking care of your mental and emotional health is very important for your brain and body. Do you feel drained or overwhelmed when around a lot of people or if it’s too noisy? One thing you could try is wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones when it gets too loud for you. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a break so that you can recharge your body battery and feel better.

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A strength is a task or action that you can do easily without too much effort.

A stretch is a task or action that requires you to step outside your normal comfort zone, routine, or habits that you must put in more effort than usual to see the results you want.

Hey Parents & Teachers!

Meerkats are naturally anxious due to their internal predator alarming system. They take turns standing in a raised lookout position above the burrows so they can see everything and protect their clan while other members are foraging or playing.

Meerkats work hard all day long and sometimes fall asleep on the job.

Meerkats are one the most cooperative mammals on Earth. The whole family takes turns raising the babies and keeping watch. 

(Real) MEERKAT Facts!

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
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