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Creative - You're incredibly creative! You're really good at coming up with new ideas and not afraid to think outside the box. 

Playful: You tend to love imaginative play and enjoy games and activities that allow you to explore new possibilities.

Open-minded: You tend to be open-minded and flexible, and are willing to consider alternative perspectives and ideas.

11% of kiddos are Parrots

Welcome to the gregarious, talkative, and creative world of the Parrot! 

Parrots like yourself, thrive in environments that offer a range of different experiences and opportunities and may become easily bored with routine or repetitive tasks. You may be spontaneous and impulsive at times, because you are eager to try out new experiences and ideas. 

You're an amazing and full of energy leader who’s always open to new ideas and possibilities! You have a special talent for seeing different solutions to problems and thinking in creative and unique ways. Your creative thinking can really inspire and motivate your classmates! 



You find it easy to balance socializing and independence to pursue your creative projects. Parrots can spend hours by themselves exploring, playing, and figuring things out, yet always ready for a party. 

You tend to be very curious and have a strong desire to explore their environment. You enjoy learning about new things and are constantly seeking out new experiences.





  • Parrots gain energy by engaging with outside stimuli: people, activities, conversation, etc. 

  • You prefer to go and do.

  • Parrots enjoy playing and interacting with friends rather than being alone. 

  • You tend to need to talk out loud to process your thoughts. 

A LOOK Inside the parrot's Brain




You like to keep your surroundings and schedule flexible.
 Parrots make sense of the world by looking for the connections between different ideas and how they work together.
Extroversion means that you prefer to focus on things outside of your self.
Did you know you're becoming more self-aware? Self-Awareness is understanding your personality, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and feelings. Below are a few of the ingredients that make up your personality!
  • Parrots tend to prefer spontaneity and a loosely held schedule because the unplanned and unexpected brings an abundance of joy and excitement. 

  • You enjoy having the ability to work, play, and have fun all at the same time. 

  • You tend to be pressure-prompted and will get your best ideas and work done at the last minute.

  • Parrots naturally focus on the bigger picture rather than the details. You tend to be more interested in thinking about future possibilities than actualities. 

  • You enjoy coming up with new ideas for doing things and how present decisions will affect the future.

  • You are a curious observer who can sense inconsistencies; you will notice clues like the tone of voice, a momentary pause, or body language that is inconsistent with words. Because of this, you tend to be able to predict what will happen before it happens.   

A LOOK at the Parrot's...



  • Adaptable: You can easily adjust to different situations and places. This means you can handle changes well, which is a really important skill today. You are resilient and able to move quickly when things change.

  • Enthusiastic Explorer - Your eagerness to explore new activities, visit new places, and engage in new experiences is truly inspiring. Embrace your enthusiasm for exploration, as it will fuel your quest for knowledge and bring you endless opportunities for growth and discovery!

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - You're always full of exciting ideas and love turning them into reality. Your ability to see possibilities and take risks sets you up for incredible adventures where you can make a positive impact. Keep dreaming big and fearlessly pursuing your passions!
  • Learning focus & follow-through: Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to stay focused on one thing for a long time. Your curious mind loves to explore countless possibilities, which can make it hard to concentrate on a single task or idea. It's common to get excited by new and exciting thoughts that pop up along the way. One way to stay on track is to set small goals and break tasks into manageable steps. This will help you bring your projects to completion and follow through on your commitments. 

  • Stick with wise friends - Since you are often spontaneous and eager to try new things, you may sometimes act impulsively without considering the consequences of your actions. This can lead to risky or dangerous behavior or may cause you to overlook important details or responsibilities. It would benefit you to make friends with Meerkats, Beavers, or Pandas who would help you make wise social decisions. What friends do you know share your interests and values, and also model responsible behavior? Those friends may help you make more responsible choices. 

Learn more about supporting your kid's growth and development 

A strength is a task or action that you can do easily without too much effort.

A stretch is a task or action that requires you to step outside your normal comfort zone, routine, or habits that you must put in more effort than usual to see the results you want.

Hey Parents & Teachers!

Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species and are generally famous for being chatty. In fact, Puck, a cheery blue parakeet, landed in the 1995 Guinness Book of World Records for his vocabulary skills, with a recognized set of 1,728 words

Some parrot species can live for over 80 years.

Some parrot species can live for over 80 years.

(Real) parrot Facts!

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2016-2023 Know and Love, LLC.
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