It can be hard to find gifts for a child that is creative, especially if you aren’t one yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 gift ideas guaranteed to please that quiet but creative kiddo in your life.

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Kiddos that take our personality quiz for kids and get the Meerkat, Panda, and Beaver personality types, are often artistic and introspective.

They have a rich inner world and prefer quality over quantity.

This article will give you some great gift ideas for children who have this type, so they can continue being themselves!

Gift Ideas For Quiet CREATIVE Kids

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1. Tickets to an art museum or an artist studio

Meerkat, Panda, and Beaver kiddos are often very focused on artistic pursuits. They enjoy getting into their own world and creating things of beauty. Instead of taking them out for a movie, why not take them to see some real masterpieces? This will give them a chance to learn more about the world around them and how they want to express themselves.

2. A subscription to their favorite magazine

What better gift for an artistic child than one that helps foster their creativity? Some magazines are focused on building up your young artist’s talents, while others will take them into different worlds through fiction or fantasy. The options are endless!

3. An art kit

If your child is less interested in other people’s creations and more inspired by their own, an art kit might be the perfect gift! There are many kits out there that will provide them with everything they need to explore painting or sculpture. It can also give you a chance to bond over something new together. Here are a few great options we found on Amazon:

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad :

FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids :

4. A Puppet Theater

Meerkats, Pandas, and Beavers are very imaginative kiddos, and if they’re having trouble expressing their creativity at home, a puppet theater might be the perfect solution. This will give them everything they need to spark new ideas in an unstructured way! You can also use puppet theaters for other imaginary play activities like a lemonade stand or store.

Deluxe Puppet Theater :

Wood Puppet Theater (this one can be a store too) :

5. A camera of their own

Some children love capturing special moments through photography (or video!) more than anything else. If this sounds like your child, a camera of their own might be the perfect gift! They can use it to capture life’s little moments and share them with friends in photo books or edited videos!

Waterproof Digital Video Camera :

Canon M50 (this one is pricer but is a GREAT starter camera for vloging or photography):

6. A diary/journal

Meerkats, Pandas and Beavers are introspective kiddos that love getting lost in their inner world. One of the best things their little creative brains can do is WRITING! Have them write out their crazy dreams or describe their inner world in drawings. A diary or journal is a great gift for creative kids, since it will allow them to express themselves in an unstructured way!

Unicorn Diary with Lock :

Vault Door Diary with Lock :

7. An instrument

This gift option can be both fun and educational for your child. If they’re interested in music, you might want to look into options like guitar lessons or a keyboard. Not only will this help them express themselves through new creative mediums, but it can also teach them about music theory and history!

Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar :

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8. A cozy place to nurture their creativity

This gift will give your child a space of their own where they can express themselves and create freely. A playhouse or tree house might be the perfect option for children who love getting lost in their imaginations! However, if you’re on a limited budget, you could also repurpose an old coffee table into a space where your child can let their creativity flow! This is also an adorable idea for toddlers.

Kids Play Tent :

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