Questions that will help you know & love your kids’ personalities, and connect in a deeper way! Are you looking for ways to have meaningful conversations with your family this Easter? It can be tough to get everyone off their phones or away from the college basketball games, but it’s definitely worth trying! This year, […]


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4 Myths About Personality Quizzes for Kids

Kids are always changing, growing, and developing. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. But if you don’t know where your kid is at today, it will be even harder for you to help them get where they want to go tomorrow. That’s why a personality quiz can be a great tool for both the parent […]




3 Ways Families Can Attune to Each Other During Conversations

What’s the rate of speed that time is flying in your house? Our little tribe of humans is developing at an alarming pace and it seems like we’re always busy and always distracted. So distracted that it’s easy to forget to tune into each other’s inner world. Dr. Seigel’s definition of attunement is my favorite. […]


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